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THE VORTEX: UNDERHANDED TACTICS – And caught red-handed!

THE VORTEX: UNDERHANDED TACTICS – And caught red-handed!

February 8, 2018



We frequently report to you various underhanded tactics and sneaky tricks pulled by various bishops and clergy to stamp out any resistance of faithful Catholics to oppose their liberalization of the Church. Most of the time, we can’t be very specific because if we were specific, various clergy or even laity would suffer repercussions for telling us details. However, we now have a case that we can be very specific about because the case was fumbled by Church officials, and Church Militant became aware of the details as part of the record. It involves dirty tricks by Bp. Kevin Vann and his cohorts in the diocese of Orange, California, involving bullying and intimidation tactics and hush money, and Church Militant has first-hand information about all this because well, we were the object of Bp. Vann’s sneaky tactics. read more