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THE VORTEX: THE POPE AND SODOMY – Time is running out

THE VORTEX: THE POPE AND SODOMY – Time is running out

February 12, 2018



Has it appeared “odd” to anyone else that there are so many promoters of sodomy around Pope Francis? Hardly a week goes by where some outlandish gay thing after another fails to make an appearance in some manner, shape or form — from reports of the gay orgy in the apartment of Cdl. (Francesco) Coccopalmerio’s assistant near the end of last year to Abp. (Vincenzo) Paglia’s homoerotic painting to the gay-themed Nativity set in St. Peter’s Square to gay cheerleaders Fr. James Martin and Fr. Thomas Rosica’s special jobs in the Vatican bureaucracy to a very gay-friendly company running aspects of the Vatican’s communications apparatus to the infamous line in the Synod on the Family’s 2014 Midterm Relatio that homosexuals have certain gifts and qualities, an idea sneaked into the document by Abp. Bruno Forte, known to be extremely gay-friendly. It’s so much, people are wondering when the Dome of St. Peter’s is going to be painted pink. And believe us when we say those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. read more