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THE VORTEX: MANY BAD POINTS – The talking points of the Church of Nice

THE VORTEX: MANY BAD POINTS – The talking points of the Church of Nice

August 11, 2017



What sort of things do you hear these days from the agents of change within the Church? Here are some of their talking points — all bad points:

  • The Church is in “transition”
  • Catholicism is a “living tradition”
  • The more you get into circumstances, the more the moral rules can be disregarded
  • We can’t always do the “best” thing
  • “Irregular situations” — how do we deal with people who “can’t” live out the Church’s teaching
  • We must respect foremost the supremacy of conscience
  • The Church isn’t about just teaching moral “rules” to adults but teaching them how to be good “discerners”
  • Discernment is looking at the concrete circumstances of the here and now and determining what I can most generously give back to God right now
  • Church teaching and doctrine must always be respected, but we need to take into account the whole range of human experience — biology, psychology, etc
  • The Church doesn’t really teach us about morality through official statements. There are very few
  • We must explore if a Catholic can live in good conscience, opposing Church teaching
  • I don’t have to follow the Church’s moral teachings, just respect them
  • They shouldn’t be understood as teachings, as much as they are just rules, which sometimes need to be broken
  • We must respect the “grace” of God present in the lives of those in mortally sinful relationships
  • We need to listen to the Church like we would a father — respect what he is saying, think about it and then decide for yourself
  • We must “retrain” and “retool” seminaries to help make “adults” who can “accompany” the people
  • We must move from a “moral education” to a “moral formation,” not speak about rules but the ability to think through the rules

Notice what is missing from the list — deliberately — a complete refusal to incorporate any notion of grace — the call to living heroically. In most dioceses around the country, indeed throughout the West, this evil agenda is either being cooperated with or ignored — cooperated with by wicked prelates or ignored by cowardly or careerist prelates. read more