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THE VORTEX: MANNING UP! – A phrase feminists hate!

THE VORTEX: MANNING UP! – A phrase feminists hate!

August 9, 2017



What you’re watching right now was actually shot a few days ago on the Friday evening of our Third Annual Men’s Conference — Strength and Honor. As part of the weekend, we always include a tour of the studios for those guys who arrive on Friday afternoon. We thought this year it might be fun to have the guys be part of the Vortex taping. About half the attendees came in early, so here they are having a good time — men!

We started having these conferences because we recognized the need for a restoration of authentic masculinity in the Church. The sad truth is that today so many Catholic men have been emasculated by various policies and practices by the Church of Nice that actually distort the glory of the Church and the role of the masculine. read more