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THE VORTEX: HERE WE GO AGAIN – And now, a challenge

THE VORTEX: HERE WE GO AGAIN – And now, a challenge

February 7, 2018



Last year this time, the Left was busy launching attacks against Church Militant, calling us alt-Right, extremists, haters blah, blah, blah. Well, here we go again. Over the weekend, Church Militant got specifically named and also strongly alluded to with supporting links in not one, not two, but three different liberal journals/websites. Man, that’s probably some kind of record. And what are they blasting us for? Well, what else — for hating Fr. James Martin.

The New York Times, yes, them again, came out guns blazing with an op-ed written by the very out there homosexual Frank Bruni who, unsurprisingly, defended Fr. Martin’s homosexual activism by calling us various names. Father Martin, who never misses a chance to tweet anything remotely defending his heterodoxy and heresy, continues to maintain that he is at “total peace.” For a man at total peace, he certainly feels the need to tell everyone that every time. On multiple, multiple occasions he has slammed critics of his heresy and then said, “I am at peace, I really am.” Sure, you are Father! It’s the last line of The New York Times article by gay-defender of gay supporting Fr. Martin — Frank Bruni. read more