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A Protestant pastor’s first rosary to Our Lady

A Protestant pastor’s first rosary to Our Lady

After converting to Catholicism and losing his family, he prayed the rosary awkwardly… and it worked a miracle.

BY JAVIER ORDOVAS A Protestant pastor’s first rosary

When Fernando Casanova—a Puerto Rican Evangelical pastor with a Pentecostal background—converted to Catholicism in April of 2008, it was widely proclaimed.

Since then, he has become a valuable Christian apologist with his impressive knowledge of biblical references and his passionate Latino style of oratory, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

He often talks about his slow and painful 5-year process of conversion after many years of service and prestige within his Protestant church.

He began that process when, disconcerted by the continual proliferation of different Protestant groups and churches, he started searching to find the One, United Church founded by Jesus Christ, using biblical research. His passion for this investigation was rooted in his desire to prove he could “be not Catholic.” read more