Why I Obey the Church: Christ’s Catholic Church is the only infallible communicator of moral and divine truths

Why I Obey the Church:

Christ’s Catholic Church is the only infallible communicator of moral and divine truths

Franciszek Smuglewicz (1745-1807), “St. Thomas”
Franciszek Smuglewicz (1745-1807), “St. Thomas” BLOGS  |  FEB. 19, 2018 Why I Obey the Church Christ’s Catholic Church is the only infallible communicator of moral and divine truths By Shaun McAfee

Are you a convert? Why did you join the Church?

Are you a “cradle catholic”? Why are you still with the Church?

It’s an important question we should all consider. Not only in order to be prepared for the inevitable question from friends, family and acquaintances, but also for some self-reflection. Chances are, the answer might have changed over time.

Sure, your initial reason for joining or making that life-long commitment to stay with the Church was on the basis of something divisible, something concrete. It might have been sparked by the reality of the Eucharist, or a love for the liturgy. But as time as gone on, and you’ve become more appreciative of your catholicity, you might dig even deeper. What aboutthe Eucharist? What about the liturgy was it? The Eucharist, yes, is the “summit and source” of our faith, but even this reality derives from an even bigger reality: authority. Right? Without the authority of Christ, we wouldn’t have the Eucharist through the hands and words of priests. Even deeper, I think we can go. It can even be backed up to personhood. Christ’s authority is derived from who he is as a person: a person of the Holy Trinity. read more

Cardinal Blase Cupich Misreads Vatican II on Conscience

Cardinal Blase Cupich Misreads Vatican II on Conscience

, FEBRUARY 19,2018

Just a few short weeks after the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, spoke about Amoris Laetitia as a paradigm shift for the Church, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago has reiterated the same portentous message. In a lengthy address given to the Von Hügel Institute of St. Edmund’s College on February 9, Cupich describes Pope Francis’ revolution of mercy as a “new paradigm of catholicity.” In his speech, the Cardinal takes us down a sinuous path of new hermeneutical principles and paradigm shifts that will presumably allow the Church to confront the diverse challenges of contemporary culture, including the “complex realities” that families and married couples currently encounter. Family life has always been a challenge, and it’s never really clear what makes the situation so overwhelmingly complex today that it demands a whole new moral synthesis or a radical revision of pastoral practice. While much of this rambling speech is plagued by oversimplification and ambiguity, I want to concentrate on one section that is especially problematic. read more

“Personal Relationship with Jesus” — A Catholic Concept?

“Personal Relationship with Jesus” — A Catholic Concept?

Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819-1895), “Christ of the Cornfield”
Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819-1895), “Christ of the Cornfield” BLOGS  |  FEB. 19, 2018 “Personal Relationship with Jesus” — A Catholic Concept? We should not pit Jesus and his Church against each other By Dave Armstrong

A Protestant in one of the Facebook groups I am part of, observed (paraphrased):

The emphasis of Catholics is for you to join their Church. But the emphasis of Protestants is to want others to experience a personal relationship with Jesus.

This statement is typical of Protestantism’s characteristic “either/or” outlook, or what convert from Lutheranism Louis Bouyer called “the dichotomous mindset of Protestantism.”

I freely grant that the observation is true in a very broad way: regarding the small number of Protestants who are actually concerned with evangelization and the (sadly) few Catholics who care whether someone is a Catholic or not. read more

Put Not Your Trust in Trusting Souls

Put Not Your Trust in Trusting Souls

, FEBRUARY 20.2018

Considering how much emphasis modern churchmen put on trust, it’s worth noting that the Bible does not have much to say about trusting others.

Of course, the Bible tells us to trust in God, but there is no corresponding command to trust our fellow men. Of the six references to “trust” in the RSV Reader’s Concordance, five have to do with trusting God, and the sixth tells us to “put not your trust in princes.”

Likewise, although we are told to “love your neighbor as yourself,” we are not told to “trust your neighbor as yourself.” Most of us know that we can’t always trust ourselves. Consequently, we should exercise caution about placing too much trust in others—especially those we don’t know well. The reason we need to be careful about trusting ourselves and others is original sin—man’s inborn tendency to choose evil over good. As has often been noted, original sin is the most readily verifiable Christian doctrine. Just read the history books or watch the evening news. read more

Readings & Reflections: Wednesday of the First Week of Lent & St. Peter Damian, February 21,2018

Readings & Reflections: Wednesday of the First Week of Lent & St. Peter Damian, February 21,2018

Ecclesiastical abuses and political intrigues characterized the 11th– century milieu of Peter Damian. Having embraced a life of prayer and penance at the hermitage of Fonte Avellana in northern Italy, Peter nevertheless took public stands against simony, the practice of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices, and clerical marriage. In 1057 A.D. he was named cardinal and bishop of Ostia, Italy. Peter urged the secular clergy to embrace monastic poverty. His many writings include letters written to influential Medieval personages, recommending detachment from worldly goods. He died in 1072 A.D., and was named a Doctor of the Church in 1828 A.D. read more

Pope Francis explains why prayer, charity and fasting are keys to Lent

Pope Francis explains why prayer, charity and fasting are keys to Lent


Published on Feb 19, 2018

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The pope met with Pro Petri Sede, which was established in 1830 to protect Pio IX and now aids in Pope Francis’ charity works.

‘God Does Not Tire of Forgiving,’ Pope Tells Prisoners

Reminds Prisoners Lent Is a Time to Be Renewed, Reconcile


© Vatican News

“Dear brothers and sisters who are in prison, I encourage each one of you to live the Lenten Season as an occasion for reconciliation and renewal of your life, under the merciful gaze of the Lord, who never tires of forgiving.” read more



Sodomy Supporters Hijack World Meeting of Families by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 20, 2018

Preparatory video titled “God’s Mercy: No One Excluded” normalizes homosexuality

DUBLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) – Pro-gay activists in the Church are hijacking the World Meeting of Families.

A recent video for the 2018 World Meeting of Families (WMOF) in Dublin, Ireland, promotes the sin of homosexuality. The 13-minute “preparatory catechesis” video features individuals talking personally about their family situation.

The first person on camera is a lady speaking about her father, who passed away rather young.

The pro-gay propaganda starts soon after. The second person in the WMOF video begins, “The fact that I’m gay has never been a huge problem in my family situation.” read more



Chinese Catholics Threatened by Vatican Diplomatic Push by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 20, 2018

Holy See warned Communists “want to enslave the Church”

The Vatican is provoking a backlash by trying to unify China’s Communist-backed “Patriotic” Church with the country’s underground Catholic Church.

Bishop emeritus of Hong Kong Cdl. Joseph Zen is accusing the Vatican of “selling out” the Church in China.

“The Communists want to enslave the Church,” he warns. “You’re putting wolves before your flock, and they’re going to make a massacre.”


After seizing power in 1949, China’s Communist government drove the Catholic Church in China underground, viewing it as a threat to their own power.

To subvert Catholic allegiance to Rome, the Communists established a counterfeit “Catholic” Church, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association — a schismatic body governed by Beijing instead of Rome. read more



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February 20, 2018

Vatican Judge Resigns Over Child Porn Scandal
Vatican spokesman confirms Msgr. Pietro Amenta stepped down “a few days ago.” FULL STORY

Rumors Swirl That Supreme Court Justice Kennedy to Retire
His vacancy would lead to titanic battle over replacement. FULL STORY

Catholics Rejoice Over Cdl. Mahony Cancellation 
LA cardinal cancels appearance at Scranto, PA anniversary Mass. FULL STORY 

Canadian Bishop: Catholics Treated Like Second-Class Citizens
Abp. Christian Lépine warns of government persecution under Catholic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  FULL STORY read more



And that’s just the beginning.

February 20, 2018



Some things that the Modernist Church of Nice does are so completely nuts, so insipid, so insane, that it’s almost embarrassing to report on it. Yet, there it is — right out there for the whole world to see. Case in point, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Iowa, formerly known as the Iowa Catholic Conference. They assembled together a Lenten reflection and meditation book that is 88 pages long for the faithful to read and pray over and reflect on and meditate on to heighten their spiritual awareness for Lent. It has something you can think about and then do for each day of Lent. And the overall thrust of it is not to make you holier, of bringing to mind a sharp awareness of your own mortality, which remember is how Lent begins on Ash Wednesday — nope. The geniuses at the Iowa Catholic Conference have put together a tome on how you can conserve water and develop an awareness of global water quality. Still, think the Church isn’t in crisis? read more

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