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Genesis, John, Revelation 3:15-16

Genesis, John, Revelation 3:15-16

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The entirety of Salvation History is summed up in three passages from Genesis, John and Revelation coincidentally with the same book and verse. Follow along with Michael Voris as he traces God’s saving finger throughout recorded history and explains the interplay between God’s action and our response.

Catholic Abortions 03-19


Mic’d Up “Catholic Abortions “

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Michael Voris will be joined by Lynn Mills, Shawn Sullivan and Leif Arvidsion, three staunch pro-lifers who have been fighting in the trenches for years to expose the madness that is allowed to take place in Catholic Hospitals. Kicking off the show Michael will welcome the founders of along with Ryan Ayala, youth minister for the diocese of Phoenix. read more

Catholic Devotion

Catholic Devotion

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Michael Voris with Fr. Louis Guardiola, C.P.M. talks on Catholic Devotions. How often are you practices Catholic devotion? Saying the Rosary and visiting our Lord during Adoration are ways of glorifying our Blessed mother and being a part of the perpetual continuation of Our Lords sacrifice on Calvary. What other Catholic devotions are you familiar with?

Satan and Women’s Liberation!

The Francis Effect

Mic’d Up “The Francis Effect”

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Michael Voris is joined by a slew of guests to discuss just exactly what is going on with “The Francis Effect”. Who is capitalizing on this “Francis Effect” and does it even involve Pope Francis??
Kicking off the show will be Erin Mersino from the Thomas More Law Center to discuss with us the Oral Arguments that took place for the Hobby Lobby/HHS Mandate Supreme court case.
After that, Michael will welcome John DeJak, President of the Bellarmine Forum.
Also, joining Michael to discuss his book, “The Vatican Diaries”, will be author, John Thavis.
In the Bulk of the show Michael will welcome Joe Garcia and Kate O’Hare, two writers who have discovered massive errors in what Pope Francis has said compared to how Pope Francis has been translated. read more