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Jesus teaches his disciples

Jesus Teaches His Disciples

        Jesus taught his followers many things. He taught them in ways that were peaceful and forgiving. His most important lesson was that God loved us so much that He sent His beloved Son – Jesus – into the world, to die for all people, to save us from our sins.

The followers of Jesus, who were his apostles and disciples, thought he had come to build an army or become a great king on earth. However, Jesus had come to die, to free all people from their sins. He told his apostles three different times that he would be betrayed by those he loved. He told them he would suffer and die, and that on the third day he would rise from the dead.

Once, Jesus took his three apostles, Peter, James and John up onto a high mountain. Suddenly Jesus began to shine like the sun! Even his clothes turned a bright white. He revealed his glory to his apostles. Afterwards, Jesus repeated that he would have to suffer and die, but they still didn’t understand. The disciples tried to change Jesus’ mind about suffering and dying, but Jesus told them not to tempt him. It was God’s Will that Jesus should come and die for our sins. Jesus came out of obedience to God. He came for the disciples and He came for us (Mt 17:1-8).