What’s responsible for the staggering loss of faith? Two sides of the same coin.

February 22, 2017

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Before we begin, just a heads up that Church Militant will be back in Southern California-Los Angeles area for a talk on Sunday evening about the effect of freemasons on the Church and the devastating impact that weak shepherds have had on the Church. The details for the talk are available by clicking on the link here. Seating is limited and going pretty quickly from what we’re told, so please log on and sign up as soon as you can.

One of the benefits we recognize at Church Militant, one of the main reasons we do these, is that they bring faithful Catholics together in a local community or area and create an opportunity to network and make contacts and come together. That is one of the driving forces behind our annual Retreat at Sea and why we have made a decision to increase various speaking conferences around the country as well as internationally.

So again, the SoCal talk is this Sunday night in the Los Angeles area, specifically Fountain Valley, Orange County — details by clicking on the link.

We’d like to just quickly address the two topics of Sunday’s talk — Freemasonry and the Failed Leadership in the Church — and we’ve paired them together because they go together.

Too many leaders in the Church have simply failed to recognize the actual threats to the faithful, owing to the globalist attack on the Church. The failure on the part of bishops to either grasp or respond effectively to these sustained attacks for the past 100 years — and more precisely the last 50 years in particular — has helped advance the cause of the near obliteration of the Faith in the United States and the West in general.

And this isn’t even taking into account the various clerics in the Church who have actively betrayed the Faith. The complete rolling over by so many shepherds and allowing in the wolves represents the most complete epic failing on the part of Church leaders in perhaps the entire 2,000 years of sacred history.

Freemasonry, which has been responsible for the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Sexual Revolution, has won almost every single battle it has ever had with Church leaders. Their impotence in the face of this evil has been astonishing. Even today, there is barely a word mentioned about the grand scheme on the part of the Masonic Lodge to defeat the Catholic Church, despite the fact that over the past three centuries, the popes have condemned nothing more frequently than they have condemned Freemasonry.

Various extremely reliable sources will tell you freemasons have been successful in lodging themselves within the power structure of the Church and causing such massive confusion resulting in horrible catechesis, advancement of a false, Alinsky, social justice movement, an adapting of the Mass to a protestant mindset. In short, a complete reworking and presentation of the Catholic faith into a humanist institution devoid of the supernatural.

Today’s senior bishops were the first seminarians actively schooled in this “new” Catholicism as young men, so they have failed to recognize their own poor formation, even malformation. They have embraced almost every modernist innovation in liturgy, Scripture, ecclesiology, social teaching, dogmatic theology, sacramental theology and moral theology that you can imagine, and it is the faithful who have been crushed under.

And that has been the exact point, the goal, of Masonry since its inception 300 years ago in 1717. We have been under withering attack for 300 years, which is why the popes kept continually warning us, most especially the past 50 years, and those charged with protecting us have actually joined in the attack.

Faithful laity and faithful clergy are now the object of blistering and repeated assaults by unfaithful clerics — priests as well as bishops. The more naïve among the bishops have begun to notice that something is wrong, that vast numbers of Catholics are simply no longer Catholic — tens of millions in the United States alone — and unfortunately the only place they seem to notice it is in the annual financial reports.

The red ink hits their desks and then they ask, “Hey, where did all the sheep go?” A day lat,e a collection basket short, Your Excellencies.

That’s a brief outline of what we’ll be talking about more in depth this Sunday night in Fountain Valley, Orange County in Southern California. Again, please click on the link for details, and we look forward to seeing and meeting you as well as you meeting other Catholics deeply concerned about this staggering loss of faith.

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