THE DOWNLOAD: NOT BORN THAT WAY – Interview with Christopher Sale

THE DOWNLOAD: NOT BORN THAT WAY – Interview with Christopher Sale

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by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  •  August 3, 2016

Various Church-run LGBT ministries, including orthodox ones, promote the false notion that homosexuals cannot change their orientation, and have no choice but to suffer with same-sex attraction the rest of their lives. That is a lie from the pit of Hell, and Satan would like nothing more than keep a same-sex attracted person trapped in the idea he will always be that way, and there is no hope of being healed of disordered desires. has received messages from multiple ex-gays who admit to having lived the gay lifestyle for many years, and who have returned to the Church, and through prayer and the sacraments, have been healed of their disordered attractions, which no longer appeal to them. One of them is Br. Christopher Sale, who spent 43 years in the homosexual lifestyle, until finally getting AIDS and nearly dying.

We include an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Br. Sale below:

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I remember parking in front of the church wondering if I had the energy to walk in. I literally staggered into the church gasping for air. I sat in the back pew and began crying for God to help me. I prayed in that same pew three times a day, too sick to walk any further into the church.

Three months later I went to the doctor. My T-cells went from 140 to 160. After my appointment I went back to church to thank God. It was that day that I had the energy to walk further into this beautiful church. As I walked about 30 feet I saw a beautiful shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I began praying to her three times a day, never seeing the rest of the church. I promised Our Lady that if she would intercede to save my life I would devote the remainder of my life as a religious.

Three months later my T-cells went up to 180. I went back to church to thank Our Lady. After that I went home and threw all the drugs into the trash. I threw everything in my house related to homosexuality. I cleaned everything related to gay off my computer. I did all this with prayer and the help of Our Lady. Within days my bedroom was transformed into a chapel with large statues and a crucifix. At the entrance of my door is a picture of St. Michael to keep the devil out.

It was truly a miracle. Within the first months of 2009 I realized I had no attraction to the same sex. I had no temptation let alone inclinations towards homosexuality. And to this day my doctors are baffled over how I ended drug addiction without professional help.

When I was facing what I thought was certain death, questions filled my mind as I prayed: “What of this life? What would I do if I could do anything without failure?” An old feeling began to surface like a blazing fire. I remembered the feeling of loving God so much that I would burst, and light began to shine through my darkness.

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Watch the panel discuss the lie of gay-friendly ministries pushed by various bishops and dioceses on this free episode of “The Download—Not Born That Way.”

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