What The Media And The Church Are Not Telling You As To Why Muslims Beheaded A French Catholic Priest

What The Media And The Church Are Not Telling You As To Why Muslims Beheaded A French Catholic Priest And Why Europe Is In A War That Will Soon Wake Up Europe To Face Reality

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By Walid Shoebat

‘They forced him to his knees. He wanted to defend himself. And that’s when the tragedy happened,’ said the nun, identified as Sister Danielle.

‘They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror,’ she told BMF television. It was an Islamic sacrificial offering to Allah. Such a sacrificial system is part and parcel of Islam itself where Islamic history shares the story of Jaad bin Durham when Al-Kasri slaughtered him in the mosque on the Sacrifical Day 119 A.H. This set the precedent that using a human being as The Festival of Sacrifice is permissible is Islam. This is supported by several of the top most forceful theologians during the history of Islam like Al-Shafi’, Ibin Tayymiya, Bukhari, Dhahabi, Ibin Al-Qiyam, Darami and Ibin Katheer.

The Muslim Isis sympathizers even forced two nuns to watch as they filmed themselves slitting the throat of the French Catholic priest Jacques Hamel. The nuns went on to confirm that the Muslim terrorists performed “a sort of sermon”.

And this is not the first time Muslims offer a priest at the sacrificial altar. Francois Murad, another priest was offered in the same way:

Western governments have not disseminated to the public what we have been warning about for a while. The ISIS Akri/Akra motto (which means ‘strongholds’ more on that later) is the call of Islam to hit the West in areas they are most comfortable.

The question everyone asks about is “when will the west wake up?”

It is better answered by another question, how did God wake up ancient Israel in the Bible? Persecution in France against the church will ultimately wake up the French that the war is not about sick and dying secular values which truly coverup the real situation. The Muslims have already invaded France as they did in the eighth century. One of the things they wanted to destroy was the Church of St. Martin and likewise recently they attacked France at Nice which was no accident. What the media is failing to mention is that Nice is a city that has been touched by the most holy saints,  Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. It was evangelized by St. Barnabas, who was sent by St. Paul himself.

This is a war of history. This is why we were ahead of the ballgame and wrote: The Prophecies Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe Was Predicted By Saints And Is Happening Right Before Our Eyes. This “refinement by fire as gold is refined” is what God ordained in the biblical prophecies about the church, especially in Europe, the center of the church.

And what do we see today? Mr Hollande called for unity between French Catholics and members of other communities. ‘What these terrorists want to do is to divide us, and today after the death of this priest I am thinking of all the Catholics of France and expressing my support,’ he said. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls tweeted that he was ‘horrified at the barbaric attack’ adding: ‘All France and all Catholics are bruised.’ Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he feared ‘everything is being done to trigger a war of religions.’

Church of the Gambetta where two ISIS sympathizers armed with knives took several people hostage. France’s northern Normandy region.

We have been writing for months now that Europe is the epicenter when it comes to Christendom’s coming war with Islam. Soon after, Islamic terrorism began to trickle heavily. Just in the last few weeks we had Muslims in Paris kill 130 people then 32 people and wound more than 300 at the Brussels airport and Maelbeek metro station, near E.U offices. Then A Muslim Frenchman of Moroccan origin stabs a police commander to death outside his home in a Paris suburb and kills his partner, who also worked for the police. Then Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel ploughed a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in the French Riviera city of Nice, killing 84 people and injuring over 300.  Then a train axe attack when a Muslim migrant wielding an axe and a knife went on a rampage on a regional train, seriously injuring four members of a tourist family. Then the Munich mall mass shooting by a Muslim named Ali Daud Sonboly shot dead nine people at a Munich shopping mall. And now a priest, literally, beheaded and sacrificed at the altar of sacrifice.

This is not just about ISIS. In France, there are many Muslims sympathetic to the Caliphate. Sid Ahmed Ghlam, 24, was arrested in April 2015 after he called an ambulance in Paris after shooting himself in the leg.


Investigators found an arsenal of weapons in Ghlam’s car, which was parked nearby, and at his student accommodation. It included Kalashnikovs, a police-issue pistol, and a number of bullet-proof vests.

Documents found at his flat and in a search of his computer and telephone, suggested Ghlam was in contact with a French speaker in Syria who had ordered him to carry out attacks on churches. These included the Sacre-Couer basilica in Paris, and places of worship including the one in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray targeted today. This is an attack on the church, the stronghold of Christendom, yet the Pope announces that dec 8th, 2015 is “the Jubilee year of mercy” when in reality it was the spark of war. We already see the horrors in Europe and in Turkey where Erdogan announced Constantinople ‘has been reconquered for Islam’.

Where the media and governments failed is that they say that we are simply experiencing a war with ISIS, as if we are fighting a group on some distant land. This is far from the truth. The Caliphate mania is also carried out by Muslim migrants who came solely for this purpose. ISIS itself does not name their “martyrs” and only reveal such detail after western media announces them. If ISIS is carrying out these attacks, does not ISIS know whom they sent? In fact, when you read ISIS’s Al-Naba on the attack in Ansbach in Germany, ISIS stated:

he [Muhammad Daleel] carried out his dilemma [of not being able to join ISIS] by carrying out the general call of the Caliphate state to all Muslims [that is] to target the crusaders in the ‘Aqr’ (stronghold) of their homelands as [best] as they could.

md copy

Shaded area says: وجد ضالته بتنفيذ وصية الدولة الإسلامية لعموم المسلمين باستهداف الصليبيين في عقر دارهم بااستطاعوا English, he [Muhammad Daleel] carried out his dilemma [of not being able to join ISIS] by carrying out the call of ISIS to all Muslims to target the crusaders in the ‘Aqr’ (stronghold) of their homelands as [best] as they could.

These terrorist acts are not connected to ISIS in anyway except the moral support. The other issue is that governments fail to explain ISIS’s goal in the West. The Caliphate minded Muslims use the Arabic  motto “Fe Akra Deyarik Nakhoud Al-Ma’arek” which in English means “It will be in the strongholds of your community [the Crusaders community] where we will carry out our battles” as we pointed out from ISIS’s media. A church is the stronghold of Christianity that is on the list. The very church of the Gambetta (Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray) was on the hit-list and was known to the French government who left it without protection. This type of warfare is the Caliphate’s national anthem:

Akra (عُقْر) means “Abode/Stronghold”. The way Islam views itself as a ‘stronghold’ and has facades to express this. A mosque is Islam’s ‘stronghold’. A Caliph’s palace is his stronghold and is why Erdogan of Turkey built his magnificent mansion. They also view the enemy as having strongholds. The Twin Towers was the stronghold of the U.S. and is why they took it down on 9-11-2001. A church is the stronghold of Christianity and is why they have several churches on their hit-list. A shopping mall is the stronghold of western commerce and is why they are on the list. Your own home is your stronghold and the Islamic songs express that “we will kill you while sleeping at your home, in bed”.

This is fitting a repetition of biblical history and how the ancient faithful were refined since the story of the Maccabees is the story of Antichrist coming to defeat Jerusalem and Islamize it just as Antiochus came to hellenize Judea. ISIS and all Muslim Jihadis say this slogan, that they will “come to the Akra (stronghold) of your homeland” and is a major reason for concern that Islamists are not only intended to operate in Syria or Iraq, but at the heart of their enemies strongholds which is done via Jihadi migrants. This includes churches which is considered the stronghold of Christianity.

It is strange how history is repeating itself. The spirit of Islam mimics the spirit of Antiochus who loved strongholds, fortresses and palaces and so it will be with the Antichrist. The actual location of the Akra is in the City of David was given almost two hundred years before Josephus in the Book of I Maccabees I. 33:

“Then builded they (the Seleucids) the City of David with a great and strong wall, and with mighty towers, and made it a stronghold (Gk. akpau Akra) for them.”

The Maccabean, Simon, later captured the fortification of the Akra from the soldiers of Antiochus as recorded in: I Maccabees XIV. 36, 37:

For in his (Simon’s) time things prospered in his hands, so that the heathen were taken out of their country, and they also that were in the city of David in Jerusalem, who had made themselves a tower (Gk. akpav Akra), out of which they issued and polluted all about the sanctuary, and did much hurt in the holy place.

And like Antiochus, the Antichrist will love palaces and strongholds. This is why he will “plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain” in which from there, as it was in the time of the Maccabees he will “pollute the sanctuary” of the Christians.

It is from all this that some of the Jewish scribes were sent to Egypt to translate the Hebrew Scriptures into the Greek language around 250 BCE in what was called the Septuagint and it was these scribes who first called the fort, Akra, when they translated II Samuel 5: 9. Yet the archeologists are puzzled at the use of the name:

The use of this Greek word Akra to describe a strong hold, fort or “tower” is very unusual. The usual Greek word for tower is purgos which is used in the synoptic gospels and throughout the book of Maccabees … That the City of David is the location of the Seleucid Akra is proved by another passage in I Maccabees where the wicked prince Nicanor is sent to Jerusalem by the Seleucid king Demetrius to destroy the followers of Judas Maccabeus. Judas, however, killed about five thousand of Nicanor’s men, and then the story continues in: I Maccabees VII. 32

The Jews cut off Nicanor’s head and proud right hand and hanged them up beside Jerusalem. And just as we see today, many liberal Jews who would not mind making a peace treaty with Turkey’s Islam and say that we “all worship the same God” the Hellenized Jews who resided in the Acra/Akra were defeated in 141 B.C for giving allegiance to that Antichrist of that time: Antiochus Epiphanes.

Now we understand how many Jews and false Christians will follow the Antichrist.

But what these archeologists do not understand is that the word Akra stems from ancient usage in the Semitic languages which even today in the Arabic Akra means the same as it was in ancient years: stronghold and is why we find it in ISIS’s main Nasheed (Jihadi song) called Qariban Qariban uses the same word Akra:

Arabic: “fee Akra diyarik nakhudu al-ma’arik”

English: “in the stronghold (Akra/Uqri) of your lands we will carry out battles”.

This is why we also find that the spirit of Antichrist “honors a god of fortresses” and intends to “act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god [Allah/Maozim], which he shall acknowledge, and advance its [Maozim’s] glory [through warfare]”.

Who would ever have imagined years ago that Muslims, like zombies, will flood Europe the way they did and enter their strongholds? The ISIS Nasheed continues “with a knife that will poison whom we slaughter, we come as ghosts (demons) of the night who will horrify you …” This is what we see, zombies for Islam:

Next will be the coming Tsunami centered not only in the Middle East, but all over Europe. Monk Hilarion as far back as the 15th century during the same times of St. Paula even adds a clearer picture to what St. Paula predicted:

“The people of the peninsula of Europe will suffer by needless wars until the Holy Man comes. The Lion will come from a high mountain in the enlightened nation. Then will the people of the half-moon of the tribe of Agar overrun many nations towards midnight and commit many atrocities. They will stay three years destroying everything. Yet, in the third year, will one of the unconquerable Eagles who reigns over the enlightened nation between the Rhine and the North sea, with a great army meet them by the mouth of the River Rhine and, in a fearful battle, almost entirely annihilate them.”

Amazingly, this would be the 3.5 years as predicted in scripture where France “between the Rhine and the North sea” will fight against the Turks with their invading Albanians and North Africans. In Ezekiel 39:6 God declared Asia Minor (Magog/Turkey) and the “Isles” (Europe) will both suffer calamities: 

”And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the Isles: and they shall know that I am the Lord”. 

Amazingly, God explains the situation exactly as we see it, Europe (the Isles) “dwell carelessly in the Isles”. They are careless to Magog’s (Turkey’s) intent. And in Daniel 11, he prophesied of Antiochus and the Antichrist to cross into Europe and seize Thrace (Bulgaria). Antiochus invasion will repeat again when Turkey’s only way into Europe will be through invading Bulgaria and Serbia (as the flood of Muslim migrants are already doing) and the Gallipoli Peninsula which constituted the remainder of the geographical region of Thrace. This is confirmed by Daniel where the “Isles” as we know from the fulfillment is a reference of Europe’s Bulgaria:

“After this shall he [Antiochus as well as Antichrist] turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many” (Daniel 11:18)

europe map

See Turkey’s Istanbul (Constantinople which was reconquered on July 15, 2016 by Erdogan) is the narrow pathway to Europe into first Bulgaria is where the flood of Muslim hordes are pouring in.

And so it will be with Turkey’s coming Antichrist. This is confirmed by other prophecies in the Bible in Ezekiel 26:15 when the center of Islam (Mecca) and the Caliphate falls, Europe will quake:

“Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of thee?”

This enemy is comprised of “Men of Persia [Iran], Lydia [Turkey] and Put [North Africa] served as soldiers in your army.” (Ezekiel 27:10) These nations under Antichrist from his seat in Pergamum will spread fear into Europe:

“All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at thee, and their kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance.”

Turkey has an army that can swallow France, Germany and the UK combined and is why Europe fears Turkey. This is also in fulfillment of Muslim prophecy “first Constantinople and then Rome” will attempt to repeat Lepanto and the Muslim invasions of Spain and Italy. Erdogan has just declared Constantinople taken away from the Kemalist secularists after the July 15th 2016 failed Kemalist coup. This is no accident. Their ambition is not only Jerusalem, but “after Constantinople,” Islam teaches, “then Rome”.


These biblical prophecies which are rarely if ever discussed at churches are confirmed by church prophets and they do provide some details which are rarely explored which the poor Christian is not told. Yves Dupont who is known to have collected these prophecies in his “Coming Chastisement” (the refinement by fire as gold is refined) was not far off my years worth of research into Scripture, but his genius summed up my decades of searching in a simple statement:

The whole world will be involved in the fighting.  A unique feature is the internal disintegration of the Western democracies and the invasion of Western Europe by Arab [Muslim] forces.

The European Union will first disintegrate as we see this is beginning to happen, Dupont adds more to what I have perused from scriptures regarding this Islamic invasion into Europe.

As I was leaning towards the apostolic succession church, I perused Dupon’t work and asked myself: Was Dupont, St. Francis of Paula and Monk Hilarion (whom Dupont collected these prophecies) are off their rockers?

As I studied the works of Dupont last year while flying to and fro to churches to teach, I began to ponder, was Hilarion, St. Francis of Paula speaking for Beelzebub (as many claimed) during the days when “Scriptures alone” was being filtered out of my system from the days when anything besides scripture was told to us as being of “the devil”? Or was such an excuse “its from the devil” a lie in itself, concocted by the devil to have us ignore Catholic prophets?


If this was of the devil, how could they reach what Scriptures predicted and why would the ‘devil of Catholicism’ be warning us to “beware of the devil of Islam”? Jesus clearly instructed “And if Satan also is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?” (Luke 11:18)

And if we are to use “scripture alone” in the strictest sense, how could Joel promise us prophets who were not even documented in scriptures:

And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men willsee visions. Moreover upon my servants and handmaids in those days I will pour forth my spirit.” (Joel 2:28-29)

“Afterward” and “in those days” is definitely after the Bible was canonized by the Catholic Church. If this church was of Beelzebub; how and why do we trust a canon established by Beelzebub? If “Scripture alone” is the strict standard, why would God etch Joel’s prophecy of others coming later to “prophesy”?

This refutes the whole basis of  “Scriptures alone” since the outcome of Joel’s prediction would have to be first canonized in the Scriptures in order to be approved by the scripture-alonists making this to be an absurd rule by putting God in a box.

And this is not just an Old Testament issue, even Paul understood this who said very clearly:

“Aim at charity, yet strive after the spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.  He who prophesies speaks to men for edification and encouragement and consolation.  Now, I should like you all to speak in tongues, but still more to prophesy; for he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks in tongues.  [St. Paul, I Corinthians 14: 1,3,5]”

“Charity” is a more important sacrament, while “prophecy” of things not etched in scriptures, is advocated not just in the Old Testament, but by Paul himself in the New Testament.

Fr. Nectou, making another prophecy which Dupont collected, this was from circa 1760, telling us when this era of Tribulations will begin when England loses it grip of power:

“This disaster will come to pass shortly after the power of England begins to wane.  This will be the sign.”

Such prediction while England was at height of power in the U.S., India … all the way till the end of World War II when England was the nation to give the death blow to the Ottomans is quite remarkable.

Dupont concludes: “The people of the peninsula of Europe will suffer by needless wars …”

Europe was the center of the Church.  Isn’t that what Daniel 9:26 predicted “The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed.”

This “flood” was also prophesied by John in Revelation 11-12 when the Red Dragon (Turkey) will chase the woman’s offspring who brought forth the man child. This “woman” is Mary and her offspring are the ones who honor Mary: the apstolic-succession only.

And today we see this “flood” of migrants where Christendom once held its power, and as John the Revelator predicted in Revelations 12 this “flood” is going after the woman in both literal sense (raping women) and an allegoric sense, to destroy the Church with abominations of desolations:

” … Then will the people of the half-moon of the tribe of Agar … will stay three years destroying everything.  Yet, in the third year, will one of the unconquerable Eagles who reigns over the enlightened nation between the Rhine and the North Sea”.

Europe – and Italy, in particular – will suffer greatly through wars.

Dupont explains that the “Eagle,” “is often also called the Lion”  and scriptures speaks of “the young lions” speaking out against Gog (Ezekiel 38:13).

Putting things together, and with the flood of Muslims into Europe it is not difficult to imagine the revolution, mass killing and slaughter these will cause dwarfing anything we have seen lately in France.

The Ecstatic of Tours, a nun from Tours, France where her prophecies were published in 1882 in a book titled On the Eve of the Victory of Christ:

Before the war breaks out again, food will be scarce and expensive.  There will be little work for the workers, and fathers will hear their children crying for food.  There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun.  Towards the end, darkness will cover the earth.

When everyone believes that peace is assured, when everyone least expects it, the great happenings will begin.  Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France.  For some time, the Church will be without a Pope.  England, too, will have much to suffer.

The revolution will spread to every French town.  Wholesale slaughter will take place. This revolution will last only a few months but it will be frightful, blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its highest pitch. Victims will be innumerable.  Paris will look like a slaughter-house.Persecutions against the Church will be even greater but it will not last long…


Throughout Europe we have seen lately the demonstrations unlike any other time from Greece to Italy. In a few years we will see “a measure of wheat will be for a denarius,” and how this “flood will go after the woman” and right after “when they say peace and safety, destruction comes”.

Sister Rosa Asdenti Di Taggia during the 19th century predicted that eventually “The Russians [Orthodox] and Prussians [Germany] shall come to Italy.  Some bishops shall fall from the Faith, but many more will remain steadfast and suffer much for the Church. Priests and religious shall be butchered, and the earth, especially in Italy, shall be soaked with their blood.”

These bishops while many fallaway, others will go through the process of being “purified, made white, and refined” (Daniel 12:10):

“Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.”

Therefore reader, these prophecies are being unsealed by the day. We will not be understood and is why we urge everyone to be purified by joining the persecuted. For whoever attempts to save his life will lose it and whoever attempts to lose his life will save it.

Pray for France while you stand steadfast because through martyrdom, “Many will do great endeavors” and climb mountain tops. The killing of priest Jacques Hamel, has prompted calls for a fast-tracked sainthood for the murdered clergyman. Italian politician Roberto Maroni urged the Pope to make him ‘St Jacques’. Christian martyrdom will soon inspire Europe and help wake “the isles” from their slumber.


Read the source and comments: http://shoebat.com/2016/07/26/what-the-media-and-the-church-are-not-telling-you-as-to-why-muslims-beheaded-a-french-catholic-priest-and-why-europe-is-in-a-war-that-will-soon-wake-up-europe-to-face-reality/

France church attack: Priest killed by two ‘IS soldiers’

  • 26 July 2016, By BBC News
A photo of Priest Jacques Hamel taken from the website of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray parishImage copyrightAFP
Image captionFather Jacques Hamel was giving morning Mass when the attackers stormed his church

An 84-year-old priest was killed and four other people taken hostage by two armed men who stormed his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France.

The two attackers, who said they were from the so-called Islamic State (IS), slit Fr Jacques Hamel’s throat during a morning Mass, officials say.

Police surrounded the church and shot dead both hostage-takers. French media named one of them as Adel K.

One of the hostages is in a critical condition in hospital.

European terror attacks

Tributes to Fr Jacques Hamel

‘I am priest’: Solidarity after church attack

Germans ‘full of fear’ over attacks

What drives individuals to commit mass killings?

President Francois Hollande, visiting the scene, in Saint Etienne-du-Rouvray, said the attackers had committed a “cowardly assassination” and France would fight IS “by all means”.

Pope Francis decried the “pain and horror of this absurd violence”.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May branded the attack “sickening” and offered her condolences to the people of France.

The suspect named as Adel K, aged 18, is reported to have been in custody and then placed under a control order, and had tried to enter Syria twice.

Police special forces raided a house in the suburb in the aftermath of the attack, and French prosecutors earlier said one person had been arrested.

The attack happened during morning Mass at the historic church, situated in a quiet square of St-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

A nun, who identified herself as Sister Danielle, said she was in the church at the time.

“They forced [Fr Hamel] to his knees. He wanted to defend himself, and that’s when the tragedy happened,” she told French media.

“They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror”.

She said she managed to flee as they were preparing to kill him.

Elite police units, specialised in hostage-taking, surrounded the church.

President Hollande said the attackers claimed to be from the self-styled IS before they were killed by police as they came out of the church.

Three of the hostages were freed unharmed, but one remains in a critical condition, said French interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet.

Special forces raid a house in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on 26 July 2016Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionSpecial police forces raided a house in the town after the attack

‘We will not be afraid’: Adam Fleming reports from the scene

This quiet suburb, a few miles from the cathedral city of Rouen, is quieter than usual after this morning’s horrific events. The heavily armed police have set up a large cordon around the church; a row of white tents – presumably for forensics officers – obscures the view. The nearby supermarket is closed and its car park is being used by journalists rather than shoppers.

Locals seem shocked, but not in a dramatic way. A man told me how he had conducted christenings, marriages and funerals for years alongside Father Hamel. He showed me a set of keys – keys for the church. “When I heard the news of his death, it was like being hit on the head from above. I just want to go to the church but I can’t,” he said.

A priest from a neighbouring parish, who also knew Fr Hamel, passed through on his way to conduct his own mass. His message tonight will be that this is not an attack on the Catholic Church – it is merely the latest symbol of French life to be targeted.

And the mood of some here was summed up by a woman cycling past the waiting media, who shouted to no-one in particular: “We will not be afraid.”

Electronic tag

Within hours of the attack, the IS-linked Amaq news agency, said “two IS soldiers” had carried out the attack.

Few details are yet known about the attackers, but Mohammed Karabila, a local Muslim leader, told the Associated Press that one of them had been “followed by police for at least a year and a half”. That person is believed to be Adel K.

The French ITele website said he had tried to reach Syria in May 2015 but was turned back at the Turkish border.

According to the report, he then spent nearly a year in prison before being released in March, on condition he wear an electronic tag and move back in with his parents.

‘Treasured’ priest

Residents of St-Etienne-du-Rouvray reacted with shock and sadness to the killing of Fr Hamel, a well known figure in the community.

“My family has lived here for 35 years and we have always known him,” said Eulalie Garcia.

“He was someone who was treasured by the community. He was very discreet and didn’t like to draw attention to himself.”

Pensioner Claude-Albert Seguin told AP: “Everyone knew him very well. He was very loved in the community and a kind man.”

St Etienne du Rouvray map

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has expressed his horror at the “barbaric attack” and said: “The whole of France and all Catholics are wounded. We will stand together.”

The Archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun, who was attending a Catholic gathering in Poland, said: “I cry out to God with all men of goodwill. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry.

“The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men.”

France is still reeling from the Bastille Day attack in Nice earlier this month, when a lorry was driven into celebrating crowds by Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, killing more than 80 people.

Timeline of attacks in France since 2012

Read the source and comments: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36892785

Nun who escaped with her life talks about ISIS attack in France

 Credit Alex Proimos via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Credit Alex Proimos via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

.- Sister Danielle, one of the religious who was held hostage by ISIS at a church in France, was able to escape in a moment of inattention by the terrorists and alert the police.

However, they were not able to arrive in time to save the life of 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel.

Speaking to RMC Radio, the sister related the incident that led to the death of the first priest at the hands of ISIS in Europe and which left another person severely wounded.

“I didn’t think they were going to come after Jacques. It was still dawn. He was standing in front of the altar, they made him get down on his knees and then he started to resist. When we saw the knife in the right hand I said to myself, ‘well, something’s really going to happen there,’” she said.

Sister Danielle said that even though the other nun and the faithful present were shouting to the terrorists to stop, they went ahead.

“They were shouting ‘you Christians are wiping us out.’ They were taping themselves on video. They made a kind of sermon around the altar in Arabic. It was horrifying.”

“He was an extraordinary priest,” she recalled, “that’s all I can say. Father Jacques is great.”

Fr. Hamel was killed Tuesday after two armed gunmen stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy during Mass. The assailants entered the church and took the celebrating priest and four others hostage. Local law enforcement reported that the priest’s throat was slit in the attack, and that both of the hostage takers were shot dead by police. One of the hostages has been critically wounded.

Pope Francis decried the “absurd violence” in a statement Tuesday, adding that he is praying for those affected by the tragedy.

The French bishops have designated Friday, July 29, as a day of fasting. Msgr. Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, secretary general of the French Bishops Conference who’s currently in Poland for World Youth Day, discussed the decision July 26.

“What happened in France had happened in other countries before, and actually we see Christians laying down their lives in the interests of their faith,” he told journalists in Krakow.

“They die because they are objects of hate and this for a fact gives us an additional motivation to live the life of fraternity we are called to.”

Read the source and comments: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/nun-who-escaped-with-her-life-talks-about-isis-attack-in-france-50596/

Islam Will Destroy Itself By Creating Christian Martyrs!

Nero did not understand it. Diocletian did not understand it.

God’s greatest love is unleashed into creation through martyrdom.

When a believer in Jesus Christ surrenders his life in death for witness of Christ, suddenly and immediately the power of the crucified Lord enters into the world.

Two “citizens” of the Islamic State beheaded the 86-year-old priest Father Jacques Hamel. Like Nero and Diocletian, the Islamic State does not comprehend the power they are fighting.

Fr Jacques Hamel pray for us!

Rome molested the Church. And Rome was overcome through martyrdom. Islam has been molesting Christianity for 1,400 years. And Islam will be defeated through martyrdom. It’s easy to day, but the difficult questions are these:

  1. Do I believe that God would give me the grace to die as faithfully as a martyr?
  2. Would I be willing for my children to demonstrate the witness of a martyr in the future?
  3. Would I rejoice to be a martyr as so many thousands of martyrs have in previous centuries?

It is helpful to remember that from AD 60 till AD 313, receiving sacramental baptism meant that you were enrolled for martyrdom. Every parish and every diocese on the planet during those years could name martyrs from their midst. Every Christian community possessed martyrs: Jerusalem, Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, Carthage, Lyons, etc.

Martyrdom was so common that Christianity underwent a crisis of identity after Constantine legalized Christianity: Can Christians truly be Christian without the reality of impending martyrdom?

The monastic revolution of the 4th and 5th centuries was a response to this identity crisis – the monastics sought to regain the danger and asceticism of carrying the cross.

For me personally, this is a moment of personal crisis. I wrote books about Christ. I record podcasts and videos about Christ. I talk about Christ frequently. But am I ready for this to happen to me:

…two Islamic State knifemen who cut the priest’s throat after bursting into a French church and taking nuns and worshippers hostage before being shot dead by police.

Question: What about you? Do you feel ready? What if it comes to this in the West?You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Read the source and comments: http://taylormarshall.com/2016/07/islam-will-destroy-itself-by-creating-christian-martyrs.html

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French Bishops: Fast with Us on Friday over Priest Killed in Hatred of the Faith

Christians in France are called to lay down their lives “in the interests of their faith” just as Christians in the Middle East and around the world have done, the bishops’ secretary general said.


Father Jacques Hamel was beheaded by terrorists inspired by the Islamic State group known as Daesh during Mass on July 26.

– Via Twitter.com.

KRAKOW — In response to the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by believed sympathizers of Islamic State, also known as Daesh or ISIS, the French bishops have called on the Church’s members to mark Friday, July 29, as a day of fasting.

Msgr. Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, secretary general of the French Bishops’ Conference, discussed the decision July 26.

“What happened in France had happened in other countries before, and actually we see Christians laying down their lives in the interests of their faith,” he told journalists gathered in Krakow for World Youth Day.

“They die because they are objects of hate and this for a fact gives us an additional motivation to live the life of fraternity we are called to.”

Earlier in the day, two armed gunmen stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in the Normandy region. The assailants entered the church during Mass and took the priest and four others, including nuns, hostage.

Police sources said the assailants forced the 86-year-old priest to kneel, and then slit his throat in the attack. Both of the assailants were shot dead by police. One of the hostages was critically wounded.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, and one of the attackers has been identified as a 19-year-old man who was under house arrest with a tracking bracelet after being caught attempting to travel to Syria.

The gruesome killing of Father Hamel comes on the tail of numerous Islamic State-inspired attacks in recent weeks.

Saying the attackers were terrorists, Msgr. Dumas added that in the midst of shock and sadness following the attack, Christians must not let evil and violence dominate.

“A priest is a symbol of peace and fraternity, and he was an old priest, more than 50 years as a priest in France, so tonight we are sad and we are shocked by this,” he said.

Msgr. Dumas said Christians must remember their true strength in the face of violence and hatred.

“But we are also something which is very strong. We want to maintain and develop dialogue between the different people in our country. We need peace, we need fraternity, we need to build a society where people love each other, and we will continue this path,” he said. “The Catholic Church in France wants that.”

World Youth Day, which officially begins today, offers a special chance for reflection, he added: “We should see the horizon, the horizon of peace, of joy, brotherhood and prayer. We are rooted in our faith and in Christ and we believe that evil and violence will not have the upper hand.”

Mourning at WYD

According to Msgr. Dumas, the French contingent at World Youth Day received the news with sadness. About 300 youth are from the Diocese of Rouen, out of 3,000 French pilgrims total at the international gathering this week.

The French priest believes that World Youth Day needs to go forward “with even greater intensity.”

He stressed the importance of fraternity, hope in the future, and “the desire to create a world in which violence and hate don’t have any place.” He said the young pilgrims “want to live it here, and they say that to all French people.”

Msgr. Dumas voiced confidence in Polish authorities’ efforts to ensure security at World Youth Day.

He also noted that in other parts of the world, many people are killed because they are Christians or because they are Muslims.

“Many more Muslims than Christians are killed because they are Muslims, so we pray and we are going to pray at Mass in a few minutes for peace and for all those who are killed because they believe in God.”

Building Solidarity as Christians

Msgr. Dumas said the Church most foster dialogue among different people to strengthen the bonds of love in society.

“It’s a bit hard, difficult, so we do it with hope,” he said. “It’s a Christian attitude because we think that the Catholic religion can involve all of our society, and that is very important for us. Violence is not the answer, the only answer is really love. We cannot do anything else. Love, love and love. Dialogue and dialogue. And also have mercy for all those who are totally distracted by violence.”

Pope Francis, in his response to the attack, has condemned “every form of hatred.” A Vatican statement said the Pope “participates in the pain and horror of this absurd violence.”

The Vatican statement said it was especially moving that the “barbaric murder” took place in a church

Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen also reacted to the attack from Krakow.

“I cry out to God, with all men of good will. And I invite all non-believers to unite with this cry,” he said.

“The Catholic Church has no other weapons besides prayer and fraternity between men.”

Read the source and comments: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/french-bishops-fast-with-us-on-friday-over-priest-killed-in-hatred-of-the-f/

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