Proclaiming The Gospel in Lebanon: The Mohammad Yamout story

Proclaiming The Gospel in Lebanon: The Mohammad Yamout story

Published on Dec 22, 2014

We had the honor of interviewing Mohammad Yamout, a Missionary in southern Lebanon. He shares his story of how God called him, and how he became a missionary in his own country. If you wish to donate to his Church in Lebanon, Please visit his facebook page for more information.

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Hundreds of hundreds of Syrian refugees are coming “to hear the Word of God, to be fed, to be treated by medical teams, and to be loved ,” Lebanese missionary Mohammad Yamout recently told a standing-room-only audience at Salam Christian Fellowship in Lombard.

Mr. Yamout, raised as a Muslim and converted to Christianity several years ago, described past events at his mission station in Tyre as a “tide moved by God and a door for preaching the Gospel that could not be shut. ” Mentioning the tragedies and massacres in Syria and Iraq , he made it clear that ” God is bringing good out of evil ” and that scores of Muslims in those countries have found comfort and peace by proclaiming Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Mr. Yamout and his family have been persecuted for their mission work. He explained it as “part of the spiritual warfare that Christians suffer when they preach the Gospel to Muslims.” He credited God for giving him and his family the necessary love and patience to endure this persecution.

The missionary encouraged Americans to get involved in his mission in South Lebanon . He related that a Christian brother , former U.S. Marine Chris Todd and his family, are now in Tyre helping him while he travels now and then to the United States to raise funds for his mission. Mr. Yamout was recently joined by an 18-year- old American missionary from California, whom he said was one of those new generation of young people helping mission projects protect innocent people in the Middle East from the violence of ISIS . “She [ the missionary ] is a lady totally sold out To Jesus without any reservations . She packed her bag with a fistful of dollars in her purse and answered the Lord’s Call for Laborers in the Plenteous Harvest of the Middle East .”
Yamout went on to say that if Christians cannot come to Lebanon to help his mission, they can get involved in many other ways, such as sponsoring a child through the Salam Christian Fellowship or by contacting the Beirut Lutheran Hour Ministry office .

In addition of being displaced and homeless, Syrian refugees have been recently banned by the Lebanese education system from attending public schools , Mr. Yamout claimed. This ban led him to enroll more than 70 children at Catholic schools, which, he said , charge a $1,000 dollars per student tuition. He is planning to start a preschool for hundreds of refugee and neglected Syrian children .

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