THE VORTEX: A TIE IS A LOSS – Maybe Catholics should concentrate more on the Faith than on politics

THE VORTEX: A TIE IS A LOSS – Maybe Catholics should concentrate more on the Faith than on politics

March 15, 2016

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With all eyes focused on the reality TV show of the presidential election, the other two branches of government aren’t getting much of a serious looking at. But they need to — especially by Catholics.

First, a very significant comment was made late last week by Fox News analyst Dana Perino about conservative voters and moral issues. She said that Obama had sort of done the conservative movement a favor by getting the whole gay marriage issue off the table with the Supreme Court’s legalizing ruling. Now, she said, conservatives could get beyond the moral issues and get down to the important ones like immigration, taxes, the economy and so forth.

Every Catholic who is thinking of putting their trust in princes had better understand that the political world has moved beyond you, beyond us. No one, or certainly not enough people, care about these moral issues anymore. The cultural warrior causes are DOA — which really makes the rest of this “Vortex” somewhat pointless — but we need to drill this home and do some good old political analysis.

Skip the presidential race for the moment. No one really knows yet how the Supreme Court is going to play out with its current 4–4 tie, but if Obama does get a pick of his on there, it’s lights out for good. Whatever slim hope — and it is a very slim hope – that the country could somehow be brought back, that hope would be gone forever.

But when we look at the the complexion of the U.S. Senate, things go from bad to worse for anyone hoping for a moral comeback. Here’s the quick math; stay with us here. The GOP has current control of the U.S. Senate with 54 of the 100 total seats, a simple majority. The Democrats have 44 seats, and the remaining 2 are Independents.

In order to maintain control for the next two years, Republicans cannot lose more than five seats because that would drop them down to 49 seats — or less, if they lost more. This year, they are defending 24 of the 34 total seats up for grabs.

That means Democrats are thinking, Hmmm, if we can get just five of those 25 seats, we get control again and can vote horrible judges on to the Supreme Court.

Here’s the heart of the problem — and as usual, it comes down to math: The Democrats are very unlikely to lose any of their 10 seats they are defending; but on the Republican side of the map, of those 24 they have to defend, seven are very likely to flip from GOP to Democratic: Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida and Colorado.

All seven of those states were won by Obama in 2012 and 2008. And remember, all the Democrats need is for five to flip; they don’t even need all seven.

The smart money in the Senate contest is that the Senate will flip back to Democratic Party control — not by much, but certainly by enough — which means very bad news for faithful Catholics if either Hillary or potentially Trump wins. Hillary with a Democratic Senate would wipe conservatism off the Court until the Second Coming.

Trump has already terrified the life out of faithful Catholics by suggesting the names of some of his would-be High Court picks who were both pro-abortion.

So here’s a couple of scenarios: Hillary wins, the Senate flips. Game over. Donald wins, the Senate flips. Game over. Either one of those are right now the most likely scenarios.

Even if Cruz somehow becomes the nominee, and then goes on to beat Hillary, he would still have to stare down a Senate controlled by the Party of Death when it came to appointing the Supreme Court justice.

So many Catholics, so many well-intentioned, faithful, concerned, committed Catholics, have a long history of being politically active and looking to politics to try and hold on to the culture. But with each passing election cycle, it becomes more and more clear that fewer and fewer Americans care about the issues they do.

In politics, experts talk about “a path to victory,” a way forward to winning. At this point, for Catholics involved in the culture wars, in the world of politics there doesn’t appear to be any path to victory. And this doesn’t include that still-unresolved wild card hanging out there: the Supreme Court.

It looks like the absolute best that Catholics could hope for in this election is a draw. An awful lot of very unlikely things would have to happen to change the current dynamic.

For Catholics, a tie would be a loss. Simple truth: The country has moved to the Left. The truth is it happened in 2008 when Obama was elected, with 54 percent of Catholics voters backing him.

Nothing has changed that fact. Most Americans have made their peace with abortion, contraception, divorce and remarriage, cohabitation and the sex-saturated society. They aren’t suddenly going to start voting against these evils.

Maybe God is telling us it’s time to let go of this political calculus and concentrate our efforts on converting people to the Church.

If we had been doing that all along, we might not be in this mess now.

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