Euthanasia is Always Wrong; You Do Not Kill Innocent People

Euthanasia is Always Wrong; You Do Not Kill Innocent People

Philippe de Champaigne (1602–1674), “Moses with the Ten Commandments”


Here is the reason why euthanasia is wrong:

You do not kill innocent people.

Notice what I put at the end of that statement? I put a period, as in complete thought, finished, over and through.

You. Do. Not. Kill. Innocent. People.

If you are a lawmaker, you do not pass or sign laws that kill innocent people. Because if you do, that makes you a murderer. I know all about this, up close and personal. As one commenter onmy post concerning Governor Jerry Brown and his mighty death-dealing gubernatorial pen somewhat inaccurately noted, I am the former director of the Oklahoma chapter of NARAL.

Not only that, but I helped open the first abortion clinic in Oklahoma, and I referred women for abortions. Then, during my first years in elected office, I used my abilities and the powers granted to me by the people of my district to kill pro life legislation. I also set up the system whereby pro life bills continued to be killed long after I left office.

So. Does that disqualify me to take the gubernator to task? If you think it does, then you should stop reading this post right now, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Again.

I am unusual in that I have the blood of the innocent unborn on my hands, and I also have had the honor of passing a lot of pro life legislation and being slimed, slandered, picketed and defamed by the pro-aborts. It’s almost as if a Nazi death camp commandant switched sides and spent the rest of his life rescuing Jews and fighting for them.

I know something that Governor Brown probably knows as well, but has chosen to ignore in his eagerness to sit at the table with the “in” kids. I know that you don’t kill innocent people.

If you do, there is no hiding from it later. Nothing — nothing — will wash that blood guilt away except more blood. Only the shed blood of God Himself is sufficient to pay for sins such as Governor Brown’s and mine. Only Jesus Christ and Him crucified can save the likes of us.

The miracle is that He did save me.

He loved me from death to life. I had blood on my hands, and He washed it away with His own blood.

Then, He put me back in the exact spot where I had committed many of my worst sins and gave me the chance to do it over by doing it right. This last, the gift of letting me pass pro life legislation, was an extra measure of forgiveness that I did not deserve and for which I am profoundly grateful.

I love Jesus. Love Him.

I have blood on my hands. I helped kill innocent unborn babies. I can never undo that and I can never do anything that will make it right. The only One Who can make it right is the same One Who saved me, and that is Christ the Lord.

The guilt, remorse, shame and horror that I experienced when I realized what I had done is precisely why I am qualified to say that Governor Jerry Brown inflicted a mortal sin on his own soul when he signed the bill legalizing euthanasia in California. The only way he can avoid going to hell is to repent of what he has done and turn to the same Jesus Who saved me. It would be remiss — it would be dastardly — to say anything else.

Euthanasia is wrong because murder is wrong.

I’ve said this on the mic on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and I will say it again here: I have killed a lot of people, but, I will not kill again.

I will not kill you.

I will not help you kill anyone.

I will not even help you kill yourself.

Murder is murder, even when the person you kill is yourself. Your life is not yours to end, anymore than your life is mine to end. None of us — none of us — has the right to kill innocent people.

I saw a lot of totally puerile excuses for euthanasia in the comboxes on that earlier post. I also saw what I think may be a few lies. What I did not see was a defense of medical murder that even comes close to justifying killing innocent people. I am certain that I will never encounter a valid justification for that, for the simple reason that there is none.

The usual excuse for killing sick, elderly, disabled, fragile people by encouraging and abetting them in their own suicide is that it is the “compassionate” thing to do. Think about that.

When did America become so depraved that people could actually go out in public and maintain with a straight face that the way to “help” people and the “compassionate” thing to do for them is to kill them? Have we gone so completely nuts that we’ve lost the capacity to see what a crock that is?

Truth told, if the people who spend their time pushing for medical murder would expend the same energy and political engagement focusing on how to care for other people and ease their suffering, these so-called arguments for euthanasia would go away.

I discussed this with hospice people and they supported my impression that we can alleviate physical suffering. The fact is, doctors don’t do a very good job of this because we don’t demand it of them.

Most cancer patients experience horrific suffering, but most of that is from the treatment, and most of that could be eased considerably if it was a priority of the medical people. Ditto for the hard times that go with dementia. I’m dealing with that in my own family right now, and I can tell you absolutely that there is no reason at all to kill someone because they have dementia.

It’s hard, caring for other people, and that, not compassion, is the reason people push for euthanasia. A lot of people would rather kill grandma than take care of her. It used to be that ungrateful and rock-hearted heirs put their elderly relatives in homes in order to get at their money. Now, they can bamboozle them into signing up to be killed.

Euthanasia is killing people to put them out of your misery; not theirs. Murder always works to the advantage of the murderer, not the murdered. Only in this culture of death would anyone seriously entertain the notion that it can be otherwise.

The California law is indefensible on any grounds whatsoever. Of course it will be broadened and abused. Of course it is a slippery slope of killing. Anyone who thinks it won’t and it’s not hasn’t been keeping up with current events.

I may write more about this issue for the simple reason that it appears that pro life readers are somewhat overawed by the stuff and nonsense that passes for argument from the euthanasia trolls.

For now I’ll just say that their arguments are based on a combination of straw man, red-herring situations and a fantastical understanding of what happens when the law gives any group of people — in this case doctors — a license to kill other people. Do not let them back you into the absurd corner of saying that what’s wrong with this euthanasia law is that it will become worse. This law is plenty bad enough, as it is because,

It is wrong to kill innocent people.

It does not matter if they ask you to kill them. It does not matter if you think they will be dead in a few months anyway. It does not matter if their families want them out of the way.

It is not compassionate to kill innocent people.

It is wrong.

It is murder.

Governor Jerry Brown killed untold numbers of innocent people when he signed the euthanasia law in California. He created a medical killing machine that will operate independently and from now on until it is stopped by a repeal of this brutal and uncivilized final solution to the crisis of caregiving in our selfish and greedy world.

I hope Governor Brown repents and saves his soul. I know that many of the people who will become murderers because of his action will never repent. Their guilt will be on his soul, as well.

Govern Brown has done a terrible thing to himself, the people of California and the people of this nation. Because,

You. Do. Not. Kill. Innocent. People.

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Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton is a former pro-abortion activist and leader. As the Oklahoma Director of NARAL, she helped establish the first abortion clinic in Oklahoma, and she continued her activism after being elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. After experiencing a profound conversion to Christ, voters returned her to office as a pro-life Democrat and she spent twelve years defending life and families in the Oklahoma Legislature. Rebecca left her political career in 2014, and along with the National Catholic Register, she writes at Patheos on her blog Public Catholic.
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