The Coming Plague of Gender Confusion

The Coming Plague of Gender Confusion

Let’s imagine for a moment that everyone forgot what eating is for.

Eating is first and foremost for nutrition. However, eating is also pleasurable. Eating is also for conviviality. We share food with others and so we share life with others.

If everyone deliberately rejected the nutritional aspect of eating what would happen?

Let’s imagine that people enjoyed a huge meal and simply gorged themselves.They just kept on eating and eating not for the nutrition, but for the comfort. Furthermore, they ate junk food because the chemicals gave them a bigger rush and a happier mood.

Or let’s suppose that some people deliberately avoided the nutritional aspect of food and after they ate they purged themselves and vomited it all back up again.

We would say people like this had an eating disorder. We would say they needed help to get healthy again. For whatever reason, they forgot that food was supposed to make you happy, healthy and fit. Instead food for them had become a drug or a drag. They came to either love food for the wrong reason (it made them feel comforted and happy) or they hated it for the wrong reason (it made them feel unhappy and sad)

This is where our society is with sex. As food is primarily for nutrition, so sex is primarily for procreation.

But like people with an eating disorder we have, for fifty years, on a societal level, deliberately eliminated the procreative aspect of sex.

As a result we are terribly confused about what sex is and what it is for. To put it bluntly, because of artificial contraception we have become a masturbatory society. Masturbation is the selfish enjoyment of sexual pleasure separated from both the procreative and unitive aspect of sex. Without the possibility of conception the sexual act becomes no more than mutual masturbation.

When we neglect what food is for we develop confusion and fear about food. Food is abused and we get sick.

Likewise, when we neglect what sex is for we develop confusion and fear about sex. Sex is abused and we get sick.

It doesn’t take too much thought to connect the dots. If sex is not about making babies, then what is a man and what is a woman? If sex has nothing to do with being Mommies and Daddies, then what is a man and what is a woman?

A boy becomes a man as he accepts the responsibilities, challenges and joys of becoming a husband and father. A girl becomes a woman as she accepts the responsibilities, challenges and joys of becoming a wife and mother.

If there is confusion about what sex is for, then there is confusion about exactly what a man is for and what a woman is for.

A young man rightly asks, “If I am not supposed to be a husband and father what am I supposed to be? All the models of masculinity were based on the man being a husband and father, provider and protector. If that is no longer required, what is a man and how shall I be a man?”

Likewise, all the models of femininity were built around the woman being a wife and mother, a nurturer and giver of life and love. If that is no longer what a woman is, then what is required to be a woman and what is a woman and how shall I be a woman?

Radical feminism rejects the wife and mother and tells the girl to be like a man. Radical homosexualism rejects the husband and father and tells the boy to be like a woman.

Pornography and prostitution promote sexual pleasure totally separated from marriage and children. Therefore the idea that the essential procreative act has nothing to do with babies and marriage is re-inforced and hammered home with highly addictive behaviors. Hammering home every time porn is viewed that sex is nothing but selfish pleasure.

Same sex marriage, polyamory, no fault divorce, single parent families–without apportioning blame to anyone–it must be acknowledged that all these contribute to confusion of gender identity and uncertain development of sexual identity in young people.

The result in our society is therefore going to be a plague of gender confusion. We should understand that this is different from the few extremely rare cases of genuinegender dysphoria.

The coming gender confusion is rooted in the causes outlined above.

Put simply, people are confused about gender because they are confused about sex and they are confused about sex because we have deliberately denied the simple biological facts of the primary purpose of sex.

As food is primarily for nutrition so sex is primarily for babies.

Breaking that was like opening Pandora’s Box.

A swarm of devils came out and we’ll never get them back in again.

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