If You Still Support Planned Parenthood, You Are Simply Not a Decent Person

If You Still Support Planned Parenthood, You Are Simply Not a Decent Person

By Matt Walsh Aug. 20, 2015

The latest Planned Parenthood video is out. This time, it’s revealed that living babies with beating hearts are being sold and dissected.

One might think this is big news. One might think this is the biggest news going on right now. One might think the whole country should stop in its tracks and focus intently on this story. One might think that any decent human being would be overcome by a bitter, violent, passionate anger at these Planned Parenthood revelations. One might think we’d all be moved to do something. Do something, damn it. Do something.

But one is clearly not familiar with how this country works. Indeed, the first couple of Planned Parenthood videos garnered some interest, but the large collection of bored, emasculated narcissists in our culture have responded with an increasingly loud yawn with each successive installment.

If polls are to be believed, Planned Parenthood is actually still a pretty popular organization, and out of the people who saw the videos, less than half now have a more negative opinion of the child butchers.

Less than half.

Dear God, forgive us.

Of course, the media hasn’t helped matters. If you rely on mainstream “journalists” for your information, you probably didn’t hear a single word about the most recent footage, even though it contains blockbuster, earth-shattering news. You’ve likely been inundated with stories about Donald Trump and maybe Hillary Clinton, but not the continued wholesale slaughter and sale of infants.

Social media hasn’t been any better. Yesterday, several hours after the video was released, here were the top trending headlines on Twitter:

  • “Jared Fogle to plead guilty to underage sex, child porn”
  • “Did Shaun King mislead Oprah about his race?”
  • “Deez Nuts joins 2016 presidential race”
  • “50 crazy things photographers do to get the perfect shot”
  • “Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green split after 11 years together”
  • “Dolphins safety carted off field with ACL injury”

Conspicuously, out of the top 20 hot topics, none of them had anything to do with a billion dollar conglomerate ripping the brains out of children’s heads.

(Incidentally, it’s interesting that Jared Fogle is being arrested for child porn at all. It’s legal to execute children and use their bodies for medical research, so why exactly is it illegal to use their bodies as sex objects? When it comes to vile, wretched, despicable creatures, child pornographers and Planned Parenthood employees are clearly in the same subspecies. What’s the moral reasoning behind funding one and locking the other in prison?)

That’s our society for you. Infatuated with personalities, obsessed with politics and celebrity, but bored with the little details like life and death and genocide. We are, collectively, a terminally ill cancer patient worrying about a pimple on her forehead, or a man complaining about the scratch on his fender while the mangled pedestrian he just hit dies bleeding on the pavement.

I just can’t take this anymore. This preoccupation with irrelevant minutiae. This insane self-centeredness. This absolute disregard for human life. It’s not just strange or curious or unfortunate anymore; it’s downright sociopathic.

Is that the problem — mass sociopathy? Or are we just callous? Selfish? Afraid? Stupid?

I don’t know. I imagine the truth is a mix of these things. I imagine when some historian writes the definitive book about us, it might actually be titled, “Callous, Selfish, Afraid, and Stupid: The Story of Western Civilization in the 21st Century.”


There are some exceptions, of course. Plenty of pro-life warriors are out there, fighting for life and liberty with all they’ve got, but they are not the majority. They are exceptions to the rule, and the rule is something entirely unconscionable and shameful.

So if you missed the last offering in the Center for Medical Progress’ ongoing “HELLO, BABIES ARE BEING MURDERED AND SOLD FOR PROFIT AND NOW MIGHT BE A GOOD TIME TO START GIVING A CRAP” series (not the official title), I’ll give you the rundown. It’s horrific and terrible, obviously, but its fatal flaw is that it doesn’t involve Kim Kardashian or fast food spokesmen, therefore it has little hope of gaining the sort of attention it warrants.

The video opens with Deborah Nucatola, the lovely Planned Parenthood executive we met in previous episodes, explaining how she “huddles” with her team each morning to determine which babies will yield the best harvest.

We go to Holly O’Donnell, a former “tissue procurement specialist” with StemExpress, who reveals that “fully intact fetuses” are often cultivated for parts.

Cut to a procurement manager discussing how sometimes women go in for abortions and “are out in three minutes” because, by the time they’re ready for the procedure, the baby is “already in the vaginal canal” and it “just falls out.” In other words, it’s alive and in the process of being born.

In the following clip, a director for Planned Parenthood tells an undercover investigator that if they “alter their process” (a direct admission of a felony) they can “obtain intact fetal cadavers,” which are then cut up and sold in different shipments. The dismembered baby, she brags, is “just a line item.”

Back to Deborah Nucatola describing how the child’s “presentation” can be changed in order to preserve the brain.

O’Donnell then relays a story about a time when she witnessed the “procurement” of a developed baby with a beating heart. Her coworker reportedly squealed that it was “kinda neat.”

Cut to a succession of officials at Planned Parenthood and procurement firms detailing how babies can be aborted without destroying the bodies or poisoning the organs. There is really only one way to do this: deliver the baby alive, then dissect it. This is plainly stated by one official, who reports that sometimes the hearts are still working after the abortion.


The most disturbing part comes next. We see footage of a baby in a dish moving its limbs, as O’Donnell tells us how she was instructed to take the baby with the beating heart, cut open its face, and extract its brain.

This isn’t just the sale of aborted children we’re dealing with; this is the dissection of living babies. Babies are being born alive and murdered for their organs. Meanwhile, the sole counter to this claim is that the children are actually murdered moments before birth. That’s obviously not a viable moral defense to begin with, and it isn’t true, either.

This is what we’re facing: a situation where the best case scenario is that babies are being brutally murdered while still in the uterus and then disassembled in petri dishes minutes later. Essentially, Planned Parenthood is caught with a bloody knife, standing over a dead body, and their whole excuse is that they didn’t just kill the victim — they killed him seven minutes ago. But even that, it turns out, is too high an ethical bar for Planned Parenthood to reliably jump over.

Instead, they take babies with beating hearts and dismember them.

Do I need to repeat that a hundred times for it to matter to our culture?

Babies with beating hearts are being dismembered and sold or parts.

Babies with beating hearts are being dismembered and sold for parts.

Babies with beating hearts are being dismembered and sold for parts.

I could write 50,000 sentences elaborating on that theme, but I’m not sure any of it can do any good if “babies with beating hearts are being dismembered and sold for parts” isn’t already enough to fill you with an urgent, holy rage.

I probably can’t explain why this is wrong if you really don’t understand instinctively. I can’t infuse a functioning moral compass into your mind. Either you have a conscience or you don’t. Either you are a decent person or you are not. Either you care about the lives of children or you don’t. Either you will put all of your political prejudices aside and condemn this unmitigated evil or you won’t because you are a moral degenerate.

Either you’re a decent person or you’re not. Either you care about lives of children or you don’t.


You cannot be a decent person and still support Planned Parenthood because “decent” means “morally upright and respectable.” There is nothing — absolutely nothing — morally upright or respectable about being an apologist for child killers.

We can debate many issues. We can listen to both sides of all sorts of topics. We can come to different compromises and reach all kinds of understandings. But not with this. With this there is just good and evil. You are one hundred percent right or one hundred percent wrong, with no room at all left in between.

A few other notes:

1) To “Christians” who have not yet taken a stand, know this: it is a sin to condone Planned Parenthood’s actions. It is a sin to make excuses for them. It is a sin to stay silent.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said silence in the face of evil is itself evil. If you are willfully complicit in the murder of children, you share in the responsibility for it.

Ask yourself, has God sent us here to come up with creative rationales for the worst evils of our time? Or has He sent us to be disciples of Christ and soldiers for Truth? How do you think God views the destruction of precious and innocent human life? How do you think He views His supposed followers who hide in the corner like spineless traitors while His children are ripped to shreds and stuffed in biohazard containers? Do you imagine He’s proud of such behavior? Do you think He will not see that justice is done? Do you really think He will ignore the cries of these children just as you have? Do you think you’ll never have to answer to Him?

These videos are a great gift from God. He has struck a severe blow against the forces of darkness by bringing their deeds into the light. But this gift could also be our damnation if we fail to act or to care. Now we have no moral alibi. It’s out there in the open, the “grey areas” we manufactured in our heads have been obliterated. God has put it all in front of us and said, “Here you go. Now it’s time to choose a side.”

Whose side are you on, friend?

2) Donald Trump likes to say a nation that doesn’t protect its borders is not a nation. I agree, but a nation that doesn’t protect its children is even less a nation. A nation that preys upon its young is a parasite.

A nation that preys upon its young is a parasite.


You can tell me all about our technological achievements and our medical advancements and our wealth and our art and whatever else, but none of it means anything if we can’t even shield our own children from the worst barbarity and cruelty the world has ever seen. How can we celebrate our “exceptionalism” when we’re not exceptional enough to stop our government from funding the daily slaughter of infant children?

You might say that a house without walls is not a house, and this would certainly be an apt comparison for a country without a protected border. But the most important thing about a house is the family it shelters inside. What can be said then about our “national family”? We kill our young and hope their bodies will be useful to cure our diseases. We’ve become like villains in some macabre comic book, trying to live for a million years by devouring the flesh of infants. That’s not much of a family, and we are not much of a country.

3) It’s clear that progressives are born with some kind of genetic irony deficiency. They seem to be incapable of noticing their own ironic contradictions, no matter how extreme.

Here’s a Tweet from Chris Hayes, an MSNBC host and pro-choice radical:

Better term for “anchor babies” is “babies.” Or, alternately, “tiny humans to be cherished and valued.”

Tiny humans to be cherished and valued, Chris? I agree. But I think our significant disagreement comes with the application of this concept. You believe the tiny, valuable, cherished humans should be legally eligible for summary execution; I, on the other hand, tend to think “cherished” and “valued” people should be afforded basic protections against torture and murder.

But Chris isn’t the only liberal suddenly discovering an affection for “tiny humans”:

Hillary Clinton retweeted POLITICO

They’re called babies.

Yes. They’re called babies. Unless they’re in a Planned Parenthood clinic, in which case they are, alternatively, “tissue,” “product,” or “profit.”

But then again, this is coming from Hillary Clinton, the same person who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “women and kids advocate,” despite being a pro-abortion extremist who spent 20 years intimidating and silencing the women her husband sexually assaulted.

Apparently she has some very unique ideas about “advocacy.”

4) Some Republicans are afraid that it might be impolitic to shut down government for the sake of defunding Planned Parenthood. I think Conservatives need to make it clear that it’s now quite impolitic if they don’t. This should not even be a discussion. Of course government should be shutdown to prevent it from giving another 500 million dollars to baby butchers. I’d sooner burn the whole system to the ground and start over again from scratch than let this go on for another year.

I can tell you for sure that I will not support, and will actively campaign to undermine, discredit, and shame, any Republican who refuses to dedicate themselves sincerely and completely to the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the prosecution of Planned Parenthood officials, and the criminalization and destruction of the entire abortion industry.

I am done giving any Republican even the slightest room to breathe on this issue. Stand up or shut up and go away. I have absolutely no use for  a Republican who can’t get it right when it comes to baby murder. No use whatsoever.

5) People often ask me what they can do about all of this. That’s a good question, and I wish we were at the stage where all conservatives and Christians only needed to know what to do, rather than still needing to be convinced that they ought to care in the first place.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but as far as I see it, our attack should be, and is, multi-pronged:

  • Keep the issue out in the open. Talk about it on social media. Talk about it with your friends. Take a stance publicly, through whatever forums you have available to you.
  • Support candidates who are one hundred percent pro-life and fully committed to the cause. I won’t tell you which candidates fit that bill because I think they still have to prove themselves.
  • Take to the streets. Picket Planned Parenthood clinics. March. Rally. Be present and active physically.
  • Money talks. Our government gives half a billion dollars to the abortion industry. You might not have that much to give, but donate whatever you can to pregnancy centers and other organizations that serve the cause of life.
  • Pray. If we aren’t going to include prayer in this crusade, it will be hopeless. Pray. Every day.

So we’re talking, we’re pressuring, we’re marching, we’re giving, we’re praying.

But it begins, as I said, with caring.

This is the most basic step. We have to care.

To not care is a willful act, an evil act, and there’s just no excuse for it anymore.

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Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, speaker, and professional truth sayer.

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