16 Compelling Defenses and Proposals of the Faith

16 Compelling Defenses and Proposals of the Faith

  • Saint Paul’s Favorite Old Testament Book Was Catholic – Devin Rose
  • Did Tertullian and St. Augustine Deny the Real Presence? – Tim Staples
  • In Defense of the Immaculate Conception (Part 3), (P. 4), (P. 5), (P. 6), ( P. 7) – Nick Hardesty
  • Why Was Luther Wrong – Part 8 – Purgatory – Scott Windsor Sr.
  • Reasons to Reject the Reformation (P. 8 Heterodoxy), (P. 9 Logical Fallacies) – Joe Heschmeyer
  • Catholicism & Conspiracies: Christmas – Foxfier
  • The Catholic Who Stood up to Hitler – Francis Phillips
  • Pro-Life vs. Anti-Abortion – Sean Gillen
  • Reasons Why Anti-Gay Laws are Compatible with Catholicism – David L. Gray
  • VIDEO: 5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make When Defending the Church – Taylor Marshall
  • VIDEO: Scientific Proof of the Star of Bethlehem – My Catholic Tube

    3 Things About Non-Theism and Stuff

  • Debunking One of the Worst Arguments Against Atheism – Doug Beaumont
  • Important Features of the Metaphysical Proof for God – Karlo Broussard
  • Did Pope Francis say Animals Go to Heaven? – Jimmy Akin

    4 Things About Evangelization & Conversion

  • Why Believe? – Carl Olson
  • Russell Saltzman, Prominent Lutheran, Converts to Catholicism – Mathew Schmitz
  • VIDEO: The Conversion of Matthew DiMartino from Fundamentalism – The Journey Home
  • VIDEO: The Conversion of Brendan O’Morchoe from Episcopalism – The Journey Home
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