The Holy Trinity & Sex

The Holy Trinity & Sex

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Michael talks to a group of teens about two concepts … neither of which they really understand, but are probably sure they do!

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The Holy Trinity & Sex

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Christians are baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28:19). Before receiving the sacrament, they respond to a three-part question when asked to confess the Father, the Son, and the Spirit: “I do.” “The faith of all Christians rests on the Trinity” (St. Caesarius of Arles, CCC: 232). The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the central mystery of Christian faith and life. It is the mystery of God himself. It is therefore the source of all the other mysteries of faith, the light that enlightens them. It is the fundamental and essential teaching in the “hierarchy of the truths of faith” (CCC:234). The Trinity is a mystery of faith in the strict sense, one of the “mysteries that are hidden in God, which can never be known unless they are revealed by God.” To be sure, God has left traces of his Trinitarian being in his work of creation and in his Revelation throughout the Old Testament. But his inmost Being as Holy Trinity is a mystery that is inaccessible to reason alone or even to Israel’s faith before the Incarnation of God’s Son and the sending of the Holy Spirit (CCC: 237).