Endless Love: Marriage After All These Years

Endless Love: Marriage After All These Years  

Uploaded on Mar 25, 2011

Endless Love By: Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie

“You may not LOVE me anymore but I swore and promise that you will be the last person that I will LOVE. You are my Endless Love and I will LOVE you for the rest of my life. I never did anything wrong to hurt you and I am glad that I became a part of your life. Your happiness is what I am concern of and I’d sacrifice my happiness for your happiness. I love you so, more than anything and everything.” – 12-03-2010 –

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“Married Life? It’s lots of bumps, hills and potholes.”

“Give in? No, it’s more like, just give!”

“Everyone’s marriage is a work in progress.”

“When you say you’ll live your life with this other person, you have to commit to it regardless of the circumstances.”Becky and Chuch Derrow of Auburn, Indiana, married for more than 40 years


“Who in our generation didn’t grow up entertaining dreams of a perfect marriage and family life?” asks writer Kyle Roderick. “The truth is, the cultural myth of living happily ever after is the exception, not the rule. It’s natural and normal for couples to experience conflicts, and for both partners to grow and change as individuals over time.”

Staying together is more than sticking it out.

The recipe for a strong, happy and long-lasting marriage has many ingredients: knowing what to do and when, always adding heaping spoonfuls of love – just for good measure.

Rule #1: add ONE to two

Many twosomes who have treaded the marriage highway for many years agree on one point: faith is a key element for success.

Tom and Clancy Quigley, who just marked a half-century together, say: “God was in our marriage from day one. We connect with God everyday.”

Norm and Pyllis Rorick, married 43 years, also credit their faith in God with “pulling them through the struggles” of married life. “Keep focused on your faith,” the Roricks advise. ‘Daily prayer is important. God has to play a very important part in your lives. That’s where your strength will come.”

Notes another long-married couple: “As long as God is taking the trip with you, no matter what the journey holds, things seem to turn out well.”

“In Their own Words…”

There are many tips for long-term togetherness. Just ask the men and women who’ve been there – and does that!

“It’s lot of hard work. Even when you argue, always make up and support each other.

Don’t give up! It’s a team effort.” – Garry and Maria Stebbins, 25 years

“Have patience – it’s the thing that can hold you together.” – Norman and Carol Girardot, 50 years

“Trust in the Lord and give Him things every day.” – Frank and Elizabeth Shulssler, 60 years

“Always keep a sense of humor. If it’s not arms and legs, we don’t worry about it.” – Don and Marilyn Balser, 50 years.

“Work through the bad times – enjoy the good ones! Talk with one another,” – Phil and Sheri Koehl, 25 years

Surviving the empty nest

Problems arise in the best of marriages, often triggered by a major change.

Take the “empty nest” syndrome. What happens when children go off to college, get married or just more out? With young people, who often act as conversation buffers, out of the house, you’re suddenly face to face with your spouse, and you might be asking, “Who is this person?” or even, “Who am I?”

“Now that the kids are gone, my husband and I are not connecting,” one wife said. “We seldom have a real conversation.”

“When the children were still home, we could always talk about their latest crisis,” said one husband. “Suddenly the house seems so empty and quiet.”

What’s a couple to do?

Claudia and David Arp, directors of Marriage Alive International and authors of numerous books on marriage, see this “second half of marriage” as a time of change and challenges. They suggest that husbands and wives learn to listen to one another. They also recommend being aware of the total message. Words are only a part of it; the tone of voice and nonverbal commumication, such as looks or mannerisms account for the rest. “Nothing is worse that to hear the right words but sense the underlying hostility, bitterness and nager,” They observe.

Finally the Arps recommend sharing feelings and planning times to talk. One couple does that as they clean the kitchen together after breakfast each morning.

There’s no question that an “empty nest” can pose a challenge, but it can also offer renewed togetherness.

Filling time – together

Harriet Thatcher retired, closing out 20 years in the working world. Then moved with her husband Floyd from their southern California home to the upper Midwest. Separated from their now-grown daughter, the couple was suddenly without a regular daily routine.

“All of this forced Floyd and me to sit down together and reevaluate our lives and goals,” said Harriet. “We decided to shake loose and do some of the things we had always dreamed of doing in our early married years.”

For Harriet, that meant a planned program of reading. Floyd took up golf. And together, they traveled and started ballroom dancing lessons.

When life’s routines change, married couples need to go with the flow. “There needs to be a deliberate decision to expland your interests and horizons, to welcome change and new patterns of thing,” sayh the Thatchers.

Hey, I need you, too!

Who comes first: your spouse or your aging or ill parents? Hands down, “your spouse,” writes Vivian E. Greenberg, author of Respecting Your Limits When Caring for Aging Parents. Most elderly parents would agree with her. “Parents’ deepest desire is for you to be happy,” Greenberg ovserves. “They may need some help, but most would never want to jeopardize your marriage.”

But couples need to communicate with their parents about their feelings and the pressures on their marriage before matters get out of hand.

One wife’s twice-a-week vistis to her father in his retirement community, as well as numerous daily telephone calls, strained her marriage. “It seemed that every time we sat down to dinner or were having a nice talk, her father would call with his latest complaints,’ her husband said.

The couple decided to tell her dad what was bothering them. “And you know what? He agreed to a once-a-week visit and to certain times each day being sacred – with no change of telephone interruptions.”

The Thrill is Gone – Get it Back!

At the start of their now 15-year marriage, Sam and Ann found themselves constantly aware of ealch other. “There were looks and gestures – touching the back of my nectk, or rubbing my shoulders – that would say so much without words,” Ann recalled. “Now I just feel like an old show.” Adds Sam: “We just connected more early on.”

What happens when the spark of your marriage is barely a flicker, let alone a flame? What happens when you see your spouse differently, maybe realizing that the person who was the closest to you has turned into a strager?

One answer: go on a date with each other. Sam and Ann chose Thursdays and took turns planning the evening. Time for conversations allowed the two to rediscover each other. After a month of Thursdays, Ann noted: “We started seeing the little things that made all the difference in the beginning – and how much more each of us could now bring to our relationship.”

But remember, as with life in general, marriage is cycclical with highs, lows and downright boring periods in between. “If you feel bored in your marriage, use this feeling to examine what is strong in your relationship and what you could make stronger,’ says therapist Sherry Roos of Long Angeles.

Healing Times

In every marriage, even those that last for a long time, there will come a time when your spouse won’t measure up to your expectations. Those moments can be relatively trivial or deadly serious: an extramarital affair, addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling, or some other form of self-destructive behavior.

When Raphael learned that his wife Joanna had been unfaithful, he wept for half an hour. He said nothing; he was too overwhelmed with grief. This was followed by anger at Joanna and the other man, and then by depression and a sense of hopelessness, a feeling that all was completely lost for their marriage.

But a devastating situation doesn’t have to lead to the death of a marriage. There are definite steps couples can take together to get back on track. The first step involves forgiveness: asking for it and being willing to offer it. Next comes working to rebuild trust and making a conscious effort to trust once again.

Professional counseling helped Raphael and Joanna save their relationship. ‘When we choose the loving actions of confessing failures, extending forgiveness, and genuinely seeking to meet the needs of each other, marital initmacy becomes reality again, “says Gary Chapman, author of Loving slolutions: Overcoming Barriers in your Marriage

Fighting the Good Fight

Maybe it’s about little things, like one partner always leaving the medicine cabinet door open. Or maybe the fights are more serious – about money or ways of dealing with the children.

Couples who’ve made their marriages last know that at some point or other, a certain amount of conflict is inevitable. The key to it all is learning how to “fight fair” – and never to let physical violence be part of the picture.

According to Diane Sollee, founder and director of the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, successful and divorcing couples both have the same number of disagreements. The difference is in how they disagree.

She advocates developing the skills to fight without hurting each other or the marriage. Certain tactics can severely damage a relationship and should always be avoided; stonewalling or refusing to discuss a problem; attacking a partner’s personality or character; showing outright contempt for a spouse.

The secret of togetherness is knowing that as a couple you can deal with conflicts and changes in a way that will help your relationship grow stronger and more mutually satisfying.


Marriage is a daring adventure, or it is nothing – an adventure in growth, in change, in broadening horizons, in breaking out of the rut of the familiar and into the excitement of doing new things together.” – a partner in a 30-year marriage

Apache Blessing

Now you will feel no rain

For each of you will be shelter for the other.

Now you will feel no cold

For each of you will be warmth

For the other.

Now there is no loneliness for you,

Now you are two persons

But there is only one life before you.

Go now to your dwelling place

To enter into the days of

Your togetherness,

And may your days be good and long

(Source: Christopher News Notes 445, The Christophers, 5 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004; tel. 1-212-759-4050; Email: mail@christophers.org)


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